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June 18, 2018
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July 11, 2018
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Dont get overloaded

In my last post I explored the importance of using social media to boost your brands exposure. So I will assume you all ran out and signed up to every site you could find.

Well if you did go sign up to them all or just a few you will quickly be realising how much work it can be to keep on top of all these channels. If you didn’t sign up keep reading too and I will explain some key factors about choosing and running your brands social media campaign. It’s all great having your brand on every imaginable networking site out there but you have to ask two questions:
1. can I handle them all? – there is significant work setting up and running multiple accounts, do you need all of them?
2. Where is my target audience? Should you really put your flower arranging business on the Russian dog walker’s forum?

Ok, that last point is a bit extreme but it makes my point. The most important thing with social media is to be relevant and active.

Manage your time

So what’s manageable?
That is completely down to how much time you have to spend on social media. No doubt you will actually already be using it more than you realise, browsing on breaks and while you are avoiding tv adverts. There is arguments for being on all the networks possible, but this only works if you can give the time to keep them all active. If your starting out picka couple of networks where you know there is an interest in your product. How to choose? well where you go to find out the latest on that field is probably a good idea where to start. Even have a look at your competition and see what works for them. One given is going to be you will want to be on Facebook and if you sell to other businesses Linkedin, got a highly visual product then add Instagram too.

Target audience…. i.e. customers.
These are either ones you have or ones you are trying to attain, either way you need to have a think about who they are and what they like. There are many ways to do this from surveys to analytics data. The simplest way of doing this though is to just have a search for your product or service and see what comes up. Look at where people are talking about it and also look at where your competition is talking about similar services. More than likely they will have already put in some of the leg work in finding the best places to be.

Social media is the biggest animal in the marketing zoo right now, but that doesn't have to stop you from getting on and doing well. It's about being specific and targeted with what you want to achieve long term.