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Final Thoughts

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Because the internet is a modern technology, and its inventors and its developers are people with impressive sounding qualifications and/or speak strange programming languages, taking your business online can feel intimidating. But it shouldn’t. The internet is a marketing medium like any other, and like all marketing mediums requires a certain amount of specialist knowledge. But it is not the case that one needs to understand the highly specialised aspects of it unless one is working in a high traffic sector where marginal improvements in performance can make substantial differences to the bottom line. For most organisations, what is required is a little knowledge of how to get your message onto the internet, and the rest is fairly standard marketing practise.

Be aware that on the other side of the technology is a human being. All the systems that marketers use, like search engines, pay per click marketing, social media and so on, exist because that human finds them useful, and their success is founded on that human’s approval. From the perspective of most people who want to use the internet to market their business it is simply a case of aiming to do what marketers have always tried to do: Understand their customers needs and try to fulfil them. It is a matter of mapping those needs onto the way the internet works. At this level, this is no different than when we try to market our business offline, it’s just that the mechanism we use to present our message is different.

If you take the time to understand your customers and your market and get a basic understanding of how to use the various tools that the internet offers then you will be able to get going. So with that point in mind let’s consider some final tips which will help you to get underway.



  • Expect anything to happen quickly. Search engines take their own time deciding how much they like your website.
  • Be seduced by complexity. The more complicated you make your campaign, the harder it is to manage.
  • Jump onto the latest bandwagon. You probably don’t have time to pursue every opportunity, since following every opportunity uses up a little of your time and effort.

These steps give you a good foundation for your online venture and allow you to objectively ascertain how well it performs.

If you need any help at all with any of these steps, from marketing strategy to managing a channel while you’re on holiday then get in touch, and we’d be happy to help!