Lets get social

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July 4, 2018
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Lets get social

These days, it isn’t enough to have a website for your business your digital storefront has to extend further to reach new potential customers. Social media is the virtual sign post that points people to your outlet, your website. Without it you set your brand out in the fields rather than the heart of the busy city.

Not convinced? Stick with me and I’ll explain.

In conventional marketing you never really know who is talking about you or what they are saying. With social media you get to see your target market, up close and personal, showing you what they like and what they really love. This means you can adjust your marketing to align with your customer making them more likely to engage with you over the competition.

No I’m not talking about that desk in a corner of a shop, but the interaction between you and your customers. People are receptive to your messages. People view social networks as exactly that social, not marketing machines. As a result, they’re less likely to see what you post as an advertisement and will be more likely to hear what you have to say.

Join the conversation

You will find customers you didn’t know existed. If you follow specific keywords, you can find people who are looking for the products you sell. Social media being social means there are loads of groups related to your products, industry and customer base.

By joining in the conversation you are not only putting your brands name into the exact market you are targeting you are also showing your skills, giving potential customers the knowledge that you indeed know what you’re talking about (and selling)

Ok so I will admit I love social media, but how often do you walk down the street, sit in a restaurant or go into the office and see someone using some kind of social media? Exactly it’s all around so why not be part of it.