Reaching the masses

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August 1, 2018
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September 5, 2018
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Reaching the masses

As I write this I have just sat back down at my desk after an amazing week at a Christian festival in England. Now skipping talking too much about that and not about communications, while there one session got me thinking.

They were talking about being a Church that looks outward. Now in the context they were discussing was how you can work within your community the practical ‘actions’ don’t necessarily transfer directly into the digital world, but the principle does.

So often when you look at a Church website or social media account it is populated by the things the Church is doing or more to the point the things the Church wants you to come and do with them. It’s great and recommended to advertise your events in this way, you would be missing the biggest free advertising avenue if you didn’t, but is there more that could be done.

Listening to the speaker one thing was apparent, their Church growth followed their commitment to doing things outside the campus, out with a Sunday and most importantly with little or no input from the target audience.

So what does this mean?

Well, the backbone of the talk was around the ministry they have for healing on the streets. Basically, they take staff/volunteers, chairs and some banners out into the town square on a Saturday morning and pray for healing on anyone who wants to have a seat on the chairs.

Think of this from the audience’s point of view, they don’t know you or what you are (assuming a new visitor as we are talking growth) if you go up to someone in the street and invite them to come along to your Sunday service the answer will probably be a no thanks. Change this up with the example above, your Church family goes out and does something with no follow-up, no motive other than to do something nice. The outcome most of the time will be a thank you, but there will also be the interest in who you are and why you want to help. The hook into further engagement.

I hear you, “that’s great but we can’t do that online” and no not directly, but you can have the same mentality about how you position yourself online.

So what can you do?

Provide something useful and engaging. Starting simple with a weekly quote from your Sunday sermon or if you have the capability post audio/video recording of the service. This may seem obvious to some or like a simple task, but this type of service fills a great void. You could go on further to create online-specific content like a weekly devotional series from your pastor.